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As AGOA is effectively a register of vehicles, membership is restricted to Mercedes-Benz G-Wagens or its derivatives. There is currently no cost to be a member of AGOA. As we are internet/Email based, costs are negligible. The primary objective of AGOA is to collect data on all Australian G Wagens and their owners and help keep these vehicles viable for use in our country. We do this by sharing information, experience and enthusiasm.

There is a link below which will enable you to download our Application/Registration Form but before you do it is probably wise that we talk about privacy.

Any information you provide to AGOA will be used exclusively for the purposes outlined on these web pages and will not be divulged to any other person, company or organisation without your express permission. The attached form provides you the opportunity to share your private details with other members of the association. Equally you are within your rights to ask that these details be withheld. As a minimum we would ask that we be able to share details of your vehicle(s) with other members.

It is hoped that we will be able to provide a copy of the register to members at least once a year and in this initial phase of the organisation I would anticipate that we might reissue the register more frequently (as membership grows).

AGOA has representatives in each State plus the ACT and once you are registered these details will be provided to you.

We should soon have a form available that can be completed on-line and Emailed however in the meantime we will need to have you download the form and complete it by hand.

Please download the Registration Form here and send it to the address on the Home Page


G'ocentric is the Association's Newsletter which is distributed to members via Email (in PDF format) at least twice a year. G'ocentric is also sent to G enthusiasts throughout the world and at last count our circulation is at 21 Countries (including Australia). G'ocentric contains news and photos relevant to G-Wagens and regular features such as G-Tech, G-Spot, Trip reports. We also offer a Buy & Sell service to members where they can advertise Cars, Parts etc for sale or wanted.

We are currently in the teens in terms of issues and contributions are always welcomed.


Contact our Email address below for more details.

Our banner photo is of James & Lavinia McEwan's 280 GE - Photo by Lavinia McEwan.

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