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Here we have just a few photos of members' vehicles. Some images are larger than others and may take a while to load but hopefully you will think it is worth the wait. 

Click on the thumbnails for a better look then use your browsers back button to return to the gallery page.

P6120030.JPG (1144288 bytes) P6120058.JPG (1115220 bytes)

Matt's ("Wolf") Long Wheelbase Soft Top 461

PA300127.JPG (1150542 bytes) PA300131.JPG (1094632 bytes) PA300133.JPG (1059470 bytes)

Martin's ("Kermit") STT Turbo pair of 300GD's - Long Wheelbase and Short

The G (1).JPG (151926 bytes) car show G.JPG (890384 bytes)

JD's 300GD - Ex Japan via Canada!

    Kerrys G1.jpg (57669 bytes) Kerrys G2.jpg (68725 bytes)

Kerry ("Kerry460") using his Australian 300GD

DuneMail.jpg (83571 bytes) BonnetMail.jpg (61029 bytes) SquareMaail.jpg (59793 bytes) Jim'sCreek.jpg (117537 bytes)

James ("Snapper") and Lavinia's 280GE Short Wheelbase (import)


Just parts of Mal's ("Hunting G") collection of G's - Wolf, 300GD Long and cabrio, 230GE short and G350

Adrian's ("Auctio") G350 being put to good use

P9020149.JPG (1092343 bytes) P9020163.JPG (1139739 bytes) pic15724.jpg (336721 bytes) Steve New1.jpg (55196 bytes)

Steve's ("Bushbenz") Australian 300GD short wheelbase with 617A


John's ("JMKOZ") 1988 300GD is one of the last two brought into Australia in the 1980's

jeremy G1.jpg (29601 bytes) Jeremy G2.jpg (76542 bytes) Jeremy G3.jpg (26146 bytes)

Jeremy's 280GE is a UK import and has recently been upgraded to V8


Seb's ("Slipper") G55 before and after 'black-out' treatment


Graham's ("MBZ460") 230Ge is a Japanese import but he has made it his own with some sensible mods.

Nathan's ("Nathan") G was originally a 300GD bought new by his father. It was then converted to a 280GE before taking the step to a 500GE V8

Peer's ("79GE500") 1979 500GE converted cabrio and his off-road racing V8 - Nice!


Trevor's 250GD which is a Euro import converted to RHD. Great job!

Rhys ("Blue300GE") 1990's 300GE - UK Import and rare in Australia

Joe's Australian 300GD has a few subtle mods to improve it.


Queensland Christmas 2010

Prem's ("BlueG") Australian 300GD one of only two Sky Blue known in this country

Derek McLachlan's tidy Australian 300GD is fitted with a 617A

George and Anna Hanzalek have the ex- John Kenny Australian Delivered 300GD Auto


The AGOA Treffen 2007



Our banner photo is of James & Lavinia McEwan's 280 GE - Photo by Lavinia McEwan.

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